Night Life In Kashid Beach

Tourists who visit Kashid beachget found of the beach due to its pleasant view, as you can find lot of greenery and mountains surrounding the beach. Kashid beach is nature’s creation with lot of beautiful things surrounding it. The days in kashidbeach can be spent with lot of fun like Beach Volley Ball, Catamaran ride, sea fishing etc. One can enjoy other recreational activities like swimming in sea, dancing, singing, playing cricket near sea shore etc.

Tourists who love to enjoy night life like pub, clubs, DJetc will be disappointed as kashid beach and town does not provide such facility, but one can enjoy camping, bon fire during night time. This will prove to be a different experience for the tourists. They can even ask the hotel or resort personnel to arrange for the bon fire and tenting facility. The bon fire arrangement can be made in some of the months as the temperature in summer can be very hot and humid for suchtype of arrangements.  If you are ready to shed some more money to enjoy the night life excitementsthen you can request the hotel/resort management to organize DJ’s and other recreational facility.

There are few parties and packages arranged for 31st Dec night and for other festivity holiday for the guests by the hotel and resort managements. There are recreational games organized for children’s and adults on 30th and 31st Dec nights along with the band & DJ’s. ThisNew Year party is organized by the hotel and resort managements so it is advisable that you confirm these events directly by contacting the official personnel of the respective hotels and resorts.The hotel management also organizes parties, birthday celebration etc on the request put-forth by the guests.

Overall the night life in kashid beach is very calm and peaceful. Tourists can enjoy staying in camps.