Food And Drink In Kashid Beach


Foodie lovers can enjoy the food that are served at the street stall as you can find many such stalls on the roads of kashid. They mainly serve small servings of snacks like boiled eggs, omelette and poha that are made from flattened rice or beaten rice cooked in oil, turmeric, onion and mustard seeds. There are other dishes served at the road stalls like kandabhaji (Onion Bhaji), alubhaji (Potato bhaji) etc. that taste good when you have ithot. These bhaji become one of the must and useful dish in rainy season as it helps to get relief from cold breeze. Indian generally loves to have such bhaji in rainy season along with hot cup of tea. These stalls remain open from the early hours of morning till dusk. One can enjoy this street food along the beach side as it is rare combination that can be found in urban cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune etc.


The non-veg foodie lover has to travel 1 km ahead of kashid towards Murud to enjoy the variety in sea food as Murud has lot of variety in sea food to offer to their guests. You will get fresh dishes prepared from sea foods as fisherman go into sea to catch good and fresh fishes. One can also find a huge fish market in Murud that sell fresh and different fishes with other sea food. Tourist can enjoy flavored cold drink of different brands and guests can even sip coconut water that is found in large number in the stall situated near beaches.Guests can even enjoy the local food with the flavor of local spice and ingredientsat the local small restaurants that is famously known as dhaba’sand the food is made by the local people of the town that adds good and different taste to the food.