Dining In Kashid Beach

The dining at kashid beach resort offers multi- cuisine dishes served at restaurants. The dishes are made with coastal food that also includes Chinese and other dishes. The location of the restaurant offers panoramic view of sea offering a relaxing feel to the tourist while having breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The konkan region has lot of cuisine to offer to their guest with the cuisine ranging from sea foods, banana made dishes and other special dishes made from local famous ingredients. Tourist must make a point to sample culinary delights of the konkan region like kurkuronbombeel (crispy fried Bombay duck), Kombadi-Wade with Chicken, surmai / Pomfret fry, sol-kadhi (a tangy smooth appetiser), tisrya-chekavlan (clams in thick spicy masala), kelyachepanchamrut (a sweet dish medley of bananas and vegetables), kelphoola-chi bhaji, (a Konkan favorite, made of banana flower), KajuUsal, Jackfruit bhaji,  Ambole (like Appam or thick sadaDosa).There is never ending list of such dishes that are made from the seasonal ingredients like banana, mangoes, jack fruit etc. You should never miss the Lord Ganesh’s favorite steamed delight Modak, which is made of rice floor and stuffed with mixture of coconut and jiggery.

The other nearby location like Murud-Janjira also has many cuisines to offer to their guests as it is said that Murud-Janjira is an old fisherman town with nice beach. Here too you will find similar taste in the dishes as that of Kashid as Murud-Janjira lies in the coastal belt of Konkan region.

Contact Details of Kashid Beach Resort:

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