Kashid Beach Cottages

kashid beach cottages Situated at foothills of Phansad Creatures Haven, this hotel rests among the forest scenery and plants that region is popular for. Propagate over 35 miles, this hotel is situated just 5 minutes walk from the Kashid Seaside. The housing provides cottage-style housing and varieties of options such as, pool, Ayurvedic rub treatments or plain old cards under the beach umbrellas.


Cottages Near Kashid Beach


Rooms & Amenities


Guests can remain at sea experiencing a/c bedrooms while enjoying resort’s services, like a cafe, spa, aquatic sports, satellite tv, and small bar.


Kashid Beach Resort, Kashid Beach, Maharashtra


Perched on top of heavily forest mountain, this hotel has been spread over 6 and half miles and provides the view of Kashid Bay and Arabian Sea. The structure at this hotel is motivated through Spanish-style rentals with high rooftops and the clean lines. The location of hotel offers good nature paths. There are countless traditional typical monuments close to discover such as Kurlai citadel at Rewdanda, Murud-Jangira Ft and Nawab Building. Some spots for check out consist of Ganapati as well as Birla Wats along with Phansad Creatures Haven. The housing has 24 sea experiencing bedrooms.


Rooms & Amenities


At hotel visitors can remain in air programmed sea experiencing bedrooms. Amenities at property consist of washing laundry, cafe & satellite tv.


Sahara Guest House, Kashid Beach, Maharashtra


Sahara Visitor Home is situated near Kashid Seaside. The primary road is close by. The primary sightseeing opportunities closeby are the Janjira Ft as well as Nandgaon Seaside.
Rooms & Amenities


Sahara Visitor Home provides housing in two Bed Double Rooms, which have connected restrooms. They provide for food.