Kashid Beach Accident

Two application experts who had come to practice at IT organization centered at Hinjewadi, were terrifying perished in ocean of Arabian Sea at the Kashid seaside on  Murud at Raigad region on this Weekend, about 230 kms from here.

  • Raigad cops have said that 2 females were taken away by powerful present of surf at the seaside on Weekend mid-day as they had waded into sea. Murud cops had determined the dead as the (21) Pooja Rao and (22) Pavani P.
  • Police had said that affected individuals were aspect of list of picnickers, including 6 men and 9 females. The group remaining Pune on beginning Weekend beginning morning, and achieved Murud around mid-day. Police said that group went to the sea aspect at around of 12.30 pm and around 1 pm, a higher and powerful trend of water taken away 2 females and man. The other people screamed for the help, cops at sea aspect and seaside protection employees hurried to the identify. The group handled to save the man but unfortunately, the 2 females taken away. A man search was released by night, their systems were caught out.
  • The two newest affected individuals -- (21) Puja Rao and (22) Pavani P -- who perished in sea at the Kashid Beach at Raigad on Weekend had come to know about seaside vacation on internet.
  • It is spooky chance that European nationwide aircraft professional, (60) Viktor Ershov who had perished off same seaside on September 29 this season, had discovered Kashid Beach at an web page that had recognized the 'beautiful' seaside up to hilt.
  • Many guests came to Kashid, which is roughly 120 kms away from the Mumbai, around 41 kms from the Alibaug, after seeing its images at various journey & journey and leisure sites on Net. However, none of sites notify the individuals about the numerous fatalities that had took place here,'' said the Alibaug citizen Mohan Jadhav.
  • While a community noticeboard at Kashid seaside does notify the individuals not to project into the water, none of picnickers pay attention to it, resulting in terrible drowning and that of Puja as well as Pavani, who proved helpful at IBM Pc Company at the Hinjewadi at  Pune.
  • The ladies were aspect of list of around fifteen young people who have decision to have eaten outside at the Kashid seaside on Weekend. Various sites explain as 'one of most breathtaking and charming beaches' on Konkan buckle. However, people think a caution along with sinking research at this identify must be described so that frolickers keep that the returning of their thoughts and didn’t  went into strong ocean.
  • While the Murud cops formal described that guards had also been implemented at seaside, this is at periods not enough for quittig the individuals from coming into water, especially during vacations when there has been more variety of guests at the Kashid. This was all about the controversy associated with kashid beach accident.
  • These drowning have been very terrible. The previously sufferer, Viktor, had come for Indian from Italy on September 15 and have signed up with IAF platform at Lohegaon for specialized exercising perform on martial artist airplanes. He had discovered about Kashid seaside via Search engines on the internet and made the decision to go and eat outside on Weekend,'' advised a cops formal. Situated around 120 kms from Mumbai, the stunning Kashid seaside draws a lot of guests. This is near to Alibaug as well as Murud; however, formal indicators have been noticeably put up at the seaside that is very dangerous to swimming in water.