Attractions Janjira Fort


The Janjira Fort is the awesome Fort that is present on the sea bank.  The sea fort Janjira Jal-Durg was built by the minister of Abssynian name Malik Ambar for the purpose of the service for Ahmednagar’s Sultan. This Sultan was belonged to the popular dynasty of Nizamshahi. TThis fort was built in the 17th century’s end and even today this fort is entirely undamaged even in presence of winds, tides and ravages of the sea. This is the testimony of the ancient engineering marvels. According to the historical records the Janjira’s sea port has never been subjugated by any ruler of the neighboring territories. It is the matter of surprise that even famous ruler Shivaji could not be able to capture this fort even after making 13 expeditions. A unique method was adopted by the son of Shivaji named Sambhaji, who dug a tunnel that is underwater in order to take the entry in this fort. But despite this attempt he got failed. Sambhaji was not discouraged and built a fort named as Kansa across this bay.


The maximum part of the area of the earth dug by him for making the tunnel was utilized for the construction of Kansa fort. This fort was built for making it the base for the purpose of attacking on the ports of Janjira. The time taken for the construction of this fort was about 22 years and was constructed on the area about 22 acres. If we study the history of back, it was found that the entry to this fort was possible through a small village named Rajapuri that was situated near the coast. In order to get entry in this fort only a small ride of a boat is required and he can enter this fort through its main entrance. The shape of this fort is oval instead of usual square or oblong shape. The height of the wall of this fort is about 40 feet having round porches 19 in number along with arches and some out of them have the cannons present over them. The popular cannon is Kalaal Baangadi. The main purpose of these cannons is to repel the enemies coming from the seacoast. Inside the premises of the fort walls the carcass of the mosque are present and also the place of bath that is channeled with the streams of water.


This all shows that in the ancient times the royal ladies use to live in these quarters. There is a deep well that is having sweet and cold water and also the saline sea that provides the nature’s wonder quenching the thirst of the tourists and the visitors. Staring into the prospect from the fortifications of this wonderful fort looking over the sea one can know about the strength that endures enormous invasions. One thing about this fort is famous that it remained unconquered till the period when India got Independence in 1947 from the British rule and became the part of the Territory of India.