Phansad Bird Sanctuary

The Phansad bird sanctuary located in Roha and Murudtaluka,Raigad district located in konkanarea of Maharashtra and it covers a large area space of about 52 square km.This sanctuary represents the coastal woodland of Western-Ghatswith ecosystem and offers a peaceful atmosphere with very rich habitat for the visitors.

Phansad is a bird sanctuary but it is also houses large species ofinsects, mammals and amphibians.This sanctuary forest is replicated with the diverse flora, fauna and green panorama which will persuade tourist to visit the place. It is quite a lonely place as very less number of people visits this place. But it is a must watch sanctuary for nature lovers and even for kids as it will provide a real life experience of watching such a variety of species of mammals and other insects.

The great attraction of this sanctuary is the giant and beautiful squirrel, but catching its glimpse can be a tedious task as it is has very shy in nature and the so it can be hardly seen while on a visit to the sanctuary.

Trekking lover’s tourist can explore the nature that is pulled long way and it is located at the Supegaonand can even visit the nature Interpretation Center situated at Majgaon.  The main plantation that can be seen in the wildlife sanctuary of phansad and they are Mango, Ain, Teak, Kinjal, jamba, Hirda, Ficus and many more. This sanctuary is home to as many as 164 speices and many types of animal along with different type of snakes. One can see 90 different color and type of butterflies in this sanctuary which is a bit less in number that is found in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park situated at Borivali in Mumbai, as here there are 150 different types of butterflies.One can also find those butterflies that are seen in North-West India in the Phansad sanctuary.

How To Reach To Wildlife Sanctuary:

By Rail:The closest railway station is Rohathat is just at 30-km on the Konkan railway route.Then there are state transport buses from Roha.

By Air:The closest Airport to reach sanctuary is Mumbai.

By Road:The closest destination to reach scantuary by raod is the bus stand ofAlibagjust 50-km from the sanctuary. It takes 1 hr from the Roha Bus Stand.