Attractions Near Kashid Beach

Kashid beach is one of the alluring beaches in the konkan belt of Maharashtra as it is situated in a pretty ambience. The beach is gifted by nature with white sand, calm and clean blue water, which provides a solitude evening for tired people.Tourists can view a perfect sunset with white sand and blue crystalline water filled with natural beauty that will surely be a dream destination of many people.

The kashid beach is one of the best beaches of Maharashtra that offers a vast expansion of pristine beaches with clean, blue water and white sand.The charm to the beach gets added with the Casuarinas groves, which dances to the tune of gentle breeze. Kashid beach fills one’s day with romantic sunset, cold breeze, and whistling sound of breeze. The blue water, surrounded by mountains and greenery,will definitely win one’s heart and attention.

There are other attraction near kashid beach like Janjira fort which is in the midst of crystal clear sea, Nawab’s Palace, Ganpati pule temple, Birla Temple, Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary etc. These attractions will add pleasure to the tourist visiting kashid beach, as they are one of the popular destinations that make the journey memorable.These places are shorter distance away from the kashid beach so they can be easily viewed and there is no need to spend more days and time to view all these destinations. The Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary can be enjoyed by all people of different age group as this attraction is very close to nature and it is house for many birds, species and mammals etc. The JanjiraFort in the midst of sea can be a thrilling experience to reach there as you have to cross the sea. The elder tourist can get auspicious feeling by visiting the Ganpati temple and Birla temple.