About Kashid Beach

The Kashid beach is one of the beaches located on Arabian Sea and to its coastline and northern to the Konkan region of Maharashtra.The beach is situated on the AlibagMurud road with a distance of 30 Km from Alibag and 160 Km away from Mumbai.This is one of the best beaches among all the beaches located in Konkan region.

A Kashid beach is popular due to the color of sand as white,blue color water, splashingwater streams, lakes and mountains with greenery surrounding it.The surrounding of beach is almost 3 km and it lies in middle of rocky hills.The beaches are surrounded by casuarinas groves.

The wave of 5-6 feet in height makesit an ideal sporting place for surfer.The waves are higher in monsoon month of June to September making it dangerous for surfer and hence surfing is not allowed in these months.

The Kashidtownhas many popular historical and tourist places in and around it.Janjira fort is a one of the popular fort that is strategically placed right in the center of the sea and it holds historical importance.The Nawab’s Palace is again one of the popularattractionsthat hold great display of architectural work.Other popular placesin temples include Birla and Ganapatiand they are most popular religions temple in the area of beach.

Murud can be visited by the tourist visiting kashid beach as it is short distance away from the beach. It is old town that is mainly inhabited by the fishermen and it also has a clean beach.There is a Revdanda Beach Fort just 8 km from the townbut in ruin state. There is a DattaMandir at the hilltop of Murud.

The Phansad wildlife sanctuary is 10 km away from the Kashid beach and it is famous habitat for different types of species of birds, snakes and butterflies along withSambar, barkingdear and Leopard that makes it one of the popular and famous tourist attractions.

Kashid, the beach town is connected to the coastal town of Alibag and tourist can enjoy visiting and exploring Alibagand its numerous attractions like, Rewas Jetty, Mandwa,Kolaba Fort , Undheri Fort,Vrindavan Farm and Khanderi Fort. Even these places have some popular pilgrim places and temples like Kanakeshwar, Jai Bhavani ,Hanuman,Someshwar,  and NagobaTemple.

The nature lovers can visit the Brahma Kund,PushkarnaKund, and Kanakeshwar Forest as there are few beaches in and around this placelike, Versoli Beach, Kihim Beach, Nagaon Beach,Alibag Beach and the Akshi Beach.

Kashid beach can be visited all theyear except the monsoon season which starts from June to September. But the right and best time to visit the beach is from October to June. Tourist can enjoy sunbath prior to summer period and before the March as the temperature rises in summers.