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The Kashid beach is one of the beaches located on Arabian Sea and to its coastline and ...

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Kashid beach is one of the alluring beaches in the konkan belt of Maharashtra as it is situated in a pretty ambience. The beach is gifted by ...

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Kashid Beach Maharashtra


The Kashid, is a beach town on the shores ofgreat Arabian Seathat is located in the konkanto the northen side of Maharashtra, India. The kashid beach is situated on the Alibag-Murud road and the kashid beachin Maharashtra is 30 Km away from the Alibag and 135 km from the Mumbai.


The Kashid, a beach town is popular for its white color sand, blue color seas, mountains with greenery, fields of paddy crop and deep rivulets. The kashid town stretches to the 3 km of kashid beach and this beach is placed between two hillocks with dense casuarinas groves placed all around the shore of sea.The kashid beachMaharashtra is best beach so far in the region of konkan, but remains absolutely deserted at weekdays. The kashid beach is famous to attract many holiday makers during weekend.The visitorsto thekashidbeach Maharashtra can find some small hotels as rest of the area is ownedprivately by the landlords of the town.

The waves of kashid beaches can be unusually high and it can prove paradise for surfers. The height of waves of kashid beach Maharashtracan reach as much as 5-6 feet even in non-monsoon months making surfing an exciting sports. But surfing can prove fatal during monsoons as the waves are dangerously highandhence it is not recommendedsurfing in monsoon months from June to September.

Kashid small town in Maharashtra is mostly prominent for its gorgeous beaches, along with other attractions like Janjira Fort, Murud, Birla temple etc., but beaches control to command over other attraction of this small town.Kashid, primarily a beach township situated on the seashore of Arabian Sea is sparingly populated on weekends. Kashid beach located in North Konkan region of Maharashtra is easily accessible from the major places of Maharashtra with easy connectivity by roadway.

Kashid is blessed by nature with white sand, blue seas and great scenery and it is also considered to be one of the cleanest beaches in konkan region.The experience of sitting ideally at sea shore and enjoying the breeze can make one feel at peace from the tiring daily routine.The casuarinasgroves all around the sea shore makes a suitable rejuvenating beach festival. While going to kashidvia kashid Mumbai route, one has to go through the Alibag road. You can get a best feel when you come across the stretch after Wadkalnaka as the road is not crowded with heavy traffic making the journey more peaceful and enjoyable. While travelling towards kashid one can have a glimpse of kashid’s blue sea, green mountains and shores.

The kashid beachsituated in Alibagprovides an advantage of the fact that it’s secluded on western coast of India making Kashid beach Maharashtra one of the less popular destinations for tourist. Due to its less popularity one can find peace and relaxation without any noise or disturbance.The beachis indeed a sight to behold when one witnessesthe mighty Arabian Sea.

The huge waves of 5-6 feet in height can serve a sporting purpose for adventurous people as they can enjoy surfing on such huge waves.One needs to be careful during monsoon season as it can prove to be fatal. No wonder, people flock to this place whenever they get an opportunity to do so.